About Seta Grant Portal


The OLUMS SETA Grant Management System manages SETA Grant Budget allocated to Lead Employers and tracks all activities of the Learners and Host Employers on a single platform


SETA Forms are intelligently managed and tracked by the OLUMS Documentation Management System. Lead Employers, Host Employers and Learners are able to download forms from the Document Management System and to upload Completed Forms onto the System. SETA Managers and HOST Employer Managers are able to track the completion and non-completion all forms from a single Dashboard.

The Document Management System assigns a Unique Reference Number to each Completed Form uploaded onto the System. This number is used for the purposes of auditing and tracking the original documents.

The Document Management System significantly reduces the workload of SETA Administrators who are tasked with the Receiving of Completed Forms, Verifying the details on the Forms, Sorting of the Forms and Correlating the Forms against authentic data.

The Documentation Management System maintains an authentic audit trail of all Documents on a single platform which is available as a PDF record and can be quickly and easily verified against original records.


SETA Grants Budget that are allocated to a Lead Employer is uniquely referenced, managed and tracked on the System.

The Grant rules are captured on the system by the OLUMS Administrator. These rules are applied to manage and track the Grant Budget:

The Lead Employer Managers and SETA Managers have access to the System Dashboard which reflects the BUDGET SUMMARY of the Total Grant Allocated, Total Tranche received from the SETA, the Total Stipends Claimed by the Learners and the Balance available.

Managers are able to follow the Audit Trail of the Total Stipend Claimed via "Drill Down" Menus which conveniently drills down to the complete audit trail of each claim that had been paid out to individual Learners linked to the Grant

Learners are able to submit their Monthly Stipend claims online. The Lead Employer Manager is able to authorize the payment of the Stipend online after verifying the Attendance of the Learners

The Pay Master is then alerted via the System to process the Payment of Stipends to the Learners


Industry Mentors are able to manage and verify the Attendance of each Learner via the Attendance Management App.

Learners Log their daily attendance via the OLUMS SETA APP or via the Portal.

The Industry Mentor who assigned to the Learner, is then alerted to verify the Learner's Attendance.

SETA Managers and LEAD Employer Managers are able to monitor the Verified Attendance of all Learners in Real Time.


SETA Managers and LEAD Employer Managers are able to communicate to Learners and Mentors individually or collectively via the OLUMS MESSENGER App.

This feature is very useful for management and monitoring purposes