About Placement Portal


The OLUMS RECRUITMENT PORTAL is the most Comprehensive Online Management and Tracking System for the Recruitment and Placement of Students and Graduates from TVET Colleges and Universities in South Africa

Employers are able to post Job Advertisements that accurately targets Graduates and Students from Universities and TVET Colleges of their choice.

University and TVET College Managers are able to manage their own Institution's Database to Shortlist and Select Graduates and Students with a high degree of accuracy using the powerful Portal Selection Tools.

The Portal offers Students and Graduates maximum exposure for successful employment prospect.

The Portal is the most powerful platform to ensure a high degree of success for Graduates and Students, in search of Fulltime Employment, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Placements, Apprenticeship Placements, Learnership Placements and Internship Placements.

Students and Graduates have access to many powerful features including sophisticated online communication tools, the OLUMS RECRUITMENT APP, OLUMS MESSENGER APP, Automated CV Generator, and much more.

Employers, University Managers, TVET College Managers, Students and Graduates can seamlessly engage with each other via the ONLINE CHAT ROOMS and OLUMS MESSENGER App.



Employers are able to:

  • Post Job Advertisements and link directly to the students via the selected qualifications

  • View Applications in Real Time

  • Receive Applications forwarded by University and TVET College Managers

  • Shortlist Candidates and Set Interview Schedule using Online Tools

  • Chat directly with Students via their OLUMS Messenger App


Managers are able to:

  • Post Job and Bursary Advertisements Online

  • View all Job Advertisements Posted by Employers on the Institution's Portal

  • Receive student and graduate applications for Job Adverts Posted

  • Search Database for Students and Graduates using powerful Portal Filters

  • Sort and Filter candidate lists using multiple criteria,

  • Forward Shortlisted Candidates to Employers,

  • Set interview schedules online and,

  • Track all current activities and track all historical activities

  • CHAT with Students and Graduates via the MESSENGER APP


Students and Graduates are able to via the OLUMS RECRUITMENT APP:

  • Update their Profile

  • Update their CV

  • View Adverts linked to their Qualifications

  • Receive Alerts when Adverts are Posted on the Portal

  • Apply for Jobs directly via the OLUMS MESSENGER APP

  • Receive Job Interview Alerts

  • View Interview Schedule

  • Accept Job Offers

  • CHAT with Employers and Managers via the OLUMS MESSENGER APP

University or TVET College.

The Co-operative Education Department of the University views all placement activities related to their institutions. They can also engage in selection and shortlisting of students for prospective employers.