About Olums Wil Portal


OLUMS is a comprehensive Management Solution to manage and track Learnerships, Internships, Work Integrated Learning and Apprenticeships

It is a database driven online management and tracking system that manages and tracks Interns and Trainees in the Corporate Public and Private Sector, Universities, TVET Colleges and SETAs

OLUMS integrates with the corporate database to produce real time reports on the progress and status of all trainees within the organization.

The System integrates the Qualifications, the Learning Outcomes, the Mentoring, the Supervision, the Assessment and Portfolio Management into a single seamless tracking and management system.

Management Rules are extracted from the Organizational Training Strategy and rules of each the Training Program.


The OLUMS Portfolio Management automatically compiles a comprehensive Learner Portfolio of Evidence from all the information gathered from the database and the interactions of the student, mentor and assessor. The portfolio is presented in a PDF format and has built-in validation tools for quality management and auditing purposes.


The real time chat room and the OLUMS Messenger App keeps the specific learners connected directly to mentors, assessors, supervisors, academics, SETA officials within the same space. This facilitates efficient communications between all concerned parties to immediately respond to concerns.


OLUMS generate Executive Reports in Real Time via the hierarchical structure. This enables Managers to monitor and to respond timeously to ensure the success and quality of the Corporate Training Strategy.


OLUMS™ WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING SYSTEM has many unique features which are not found in any other management and tracking system. These include:


Online Lecturer and Mentor Assessment of Progress Reports. Lecturers and Mentors are able to provide Real Time online feedback to Students

2 Structured curriculum.

Integration of the Work Integrated Learning curriculum with OLUMS to ensure that the curriculum is properly structured and appropriately assessed.

3 Real time Automated Student Portfolios.

All students Progress Reports, Annexures, Mentors Reports, Mentor's Assessments, Academic Assessor's Reports and Academic Assessor's Assessments, Student Feedback Reports, Mentor Feedback Reports, are all processed automatically and compiled into a PDF Student Portfolio in real time.

The Employer, the University and the Student can view the progress and status of the student in real time.

4 Automated administration for Onsite Monitoring and Visitation .

OLUMS allows for Academics to manage the scheduling of onsite visitation in User Friendly manner.

5 Tracking the Approval of Employer Workstations .

OLUMS Tracks and Manages the approval of all Employers to ensure that the Work Integrated Learning experience of the student meets the standards of the specific qualifications.

6 Management Alerts .

OLUMS uses Email, SMS and the OLUMS MESSANGER APP to alert users to respond to the flagged processes.

7 Feedback Reports .

Tracking and management of the Employer Feedback at the end of all interviews, Student Feedback and Mentor Feedback.

All Feedback Reports are concatenated into a single PDF File per qualification which can be used for curriculum development and quality improvement purposes.

8 Executive Report .

OLUMS produces following executive reports in real time. These reports are imperative in ensuring total quality in the management of work integrated learning across the university.

  • Records of all Employers, Mentors and students who are engaged with Work Integrated Learning

  • Records of Accreditation and Certification of Employers

  • Records of all students who are ready for WIL placement but are still not yet placed.

  • Records of all Mentors linked to students per qualification, in an ECSA ready format

  • Records of all WIL student Feedback on Curriculum and WIL

  • Records of all Online WIL Progress Reports, WIL Assessments, WIL Portfolios in a PDF format

  • Records of students who completed the WIL training and not yet graduated


  • Management of Post Graduate Research with Executive Reports

  • Management Project Based Learning with Executive Reports

  • Management Corporate Training with Executive Reports

  • Management of Learnerships

  • Management of Apprenticeships

  • Management of Internships

  • Management of Service Learning